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Robbi Lusher
Robbi Lusher 5 часов назад
I loved the werewolf one. Why do you keep showing ones that was on the video earlier. A waste of time if your doing that. If you don’t have as many as you need for as long as you want then make the video shorter.
James Bonde
James Bonde 14 часов назад
During the Great Depression, stray cats and dogs were killed for foo. This also happened in Venezuela but with a twist. Mobs broke into the Zoos and killed and ate the animals. Laugh while you can. The rest of the planet, Covid 19 is a monumental MINDFUCK. Nothing of it makes sense. Literally 100ths of thousands of medical professionals are speaking up. You won't know this on main stream media. Look up, The Corbett Report and Jon Rappaport. Amazing Polly. and McAllister TV
Kambal V
Kambal V 16 часов назад
funny hahaha!
Thomas A.
Thomas A. День назад
I have an idea - if you repeat videos 4 times instead of 2, the time will be 8 hours. Give it a try!
eyaspaid jasi
eyaspaid jasi День назад
so funny men
Olesia Makarenko
Olesia Makarenko День назад
Daniel Saxton
Daniel Saxton День назад
Thanks for the laughs...I needed that...!
Angela Flores
Angela Flores День назад
The one were someone honks and the girl got scared I got scared too😂😂😧😧
Brittany Wilson
Brittany Wilson День назад
nora rayssi
nora rayssi День назад
it real real funny
nora rayssi
nora rayssi День назад
hahhahahahahahhahhahhahahhah it real real drole
Fadil Abbas
Fadil Abbas 2 дня назад
ROCK JK BOB JK BOB 2 дня назад
hii every one
Sarah Strong DeFelice
Sarah Strong DeFelice 2 дня назад
lol haha
Katie kimbrell
Katie kimbrell 3 дня назад
អេកូ Zero One
អេកូ Zero One 3 дня назад
yeah... nothing
Alexander Alvarez
Alexander Alvarez 3 дня назад
lolololol so funny i almost wet my pants.
KJ 3 дня назад
23:20 motortube?
Jaylen Scott
Jaylen Scott 3 дня назад
I'm laughing at how boring this video is
michelle jackson
michelle jackson 4 дня назад
Omg this is so funny I can laugh at the hole Thatg but I am not laughing 😂
mokhtar qotop
mokhtar qotop 4 дня назад
جميل شكرا
Mrr Bass Kh
Mrr Bass Kh 5 дней назад
Walter D. Petrovic
Walter D. Petrovic 5 дней назад
not really all that funny
Aditi Bisht
Aditi Bisht 6 дней назад
Tra Renfro
Tra Renfro 6 дней назад
23:49 that is funny
Elizabeth Vejar
Elizabeth Vejar 6 дней назад
Stefani Higa
Stefani Higa 6 дней назад
Fade Sem
Fade Sem 6 дней назад
bru i wached threw the whole thing (Honest)
urban larsson
urban larsson 6 дней назад
It was easy not to laugh as most things where people hurting themselves or being freightened. Not funny at all. Probably a video only for people that laugh at other peoples misfortune.
Jaylen Scott
Jaylen Scott 3 дня назад
Pretty much
Anil Joshi
Anil Joshi 7 дней назад
Damn_Sam 7 дней назад
How are thede even funny?
Damn_Sam 7 дней назад
XD kingcurry 7766
XD kingcurry 7766 7 дней назад
Same this not funny
CTH CTH 7 дней назад
Hay ummmmm I think there’s a video in your add
Shelly Cote
Shelly Cote 8 дней назад
cat is dead now thx XD
yunapple 9 дней назад
*What did the librarian say to the students?* Read More
Lofi UwU
Lofi UwU 9 дней назад
Mya Heredia
Mya Heredia 9 дней назад
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Jennie Sweetheart
Jennie Sweetheart 9 дней назад
I didn't laugh nothing is funny tho ;>;
Kalen Tillman
Kalen Tillman 9 дней назад
Nico Flint
Nico Flint 10 дней назад
neil young
Shanice Rogers
Shanice Rogers 10 дней назад
PJ Swayze
PJ Swayze 10 дней назад
We settle for very little
PJ Swayze
PJ Swayze 10 дней назад
What makes the average American laugh is utter ridiculous. Ahhh how I wish to be part of all you commoners
Jade 11 дней назад
I think this is a compilation of people falling/tripping/ sliding lmaaao
The black gamer boy
The black gamer boy 11 дней назад
Thus us pretty funny
kimberly Sykes
kimberly Sykes 11 дней назад
who needs sleeping pills?
Renika Drummond
Renika Drummond 11 дней назад
This is not funny
Esin Holat
Esin Holat 13 дней назад
fgteev songs
Bharat Candu
Bharat Candu 14 дней назад
i didn t lauh
Mariah Sandoval
Mariah Sandoval 16 дней назад
Mariah Sandoval
Mariah Sandoval 16 дней назад
Mary Cammilletti
Mary Cammilletti 16 дней назад
Not one funny video whoever made this does not know what funny is TRUE STORY
Carlos Rey
Carlos Rey 16 дней назад
L I’m not laughing and smiling
Leonardo de Sousa
Leonardo de Sousa 16 дней назад
Tara Slaughter
Tara Slaughter 17 дней назад
I have no emotion
YourB0iTommy 17 дней назад
nvm but it was kinda cool
YourB0iTommy 17 дней назад
this is crazy why would you do that
Chassperr 19 дней назад
That’s so funny I forgot to laugh 😂
Scott Wood
Scott Wood 19 дней назад
What the heck😄😂🤣
Scott Wood
Scott Wood 19 дней назад
Oh my God😂🤣
Wendy mcall
Wendy mcall 19 дней назад
Wendy mcall
Wendy mcall 19 дней назад
Samone Wortham
Samone Wortham 20 дней назад
I hope everyone is ok from falling
Shasa Febriani Puteri
Shasa Febriani Puteri 20 дней назад
Verry funny
Emma Marshall
Emma Marshall 20 дней назад
“It’s an iPad” “Oh no”
Bunny with rabies
Bunny with rabies 20 дней назад
Man I wanna laugh too but these videos aren’t my thing
PJ Swayze
PJ Swayze 10 дней назад
Thank you! Exactly what I’ve been thinking! Average person settles for very little
Luke Fincher
Luke Fincher 20 дней назад
either i have depression, or this is video isn’t funny at all. didn’t laugh the whole time. 😐
Dream YT
Dream YT 21 день назад
Amy Henderson
Amy Henderson 21 день назад
dionte the gamer boy hill
dionte the gamer boy hill 21 день назад
Indian mom press it 3 times:explodes
Kolten Kieler
Kolten Kieler 21 день назад
Taylor Calderon
Taylor Calderon 21 день назад
Melissa Bloomfield
Melissa Bloomfield 21 день назад
lol esports
fox drip
fox drip 21 день назад
zaira got a boyfriend or girlfriend hahahaha silly methology
Alicia Jacobs
Alicia Jacobs 22 дня назад
Cubetrosity 22 дня назад
“These rocks are slippery” *tumbles into the water “Uhhhh”
Alba Silva
Alba Silva 22 дня назад
I laughed so hard when the women got hit by the man when he was doing something I was like: Lol 😂 that’s what you get for getting in his way
Carol Pena
Carol Pena 23 дня назад
Ylainena Lancaster
Ylainena Lancaster 23 дня назад
so funny
lorelei goldman
lorelei goldman 23 дня назад
yall i what is w people and porches and the floor is lava like bruh
Abigail Scharia
Abigail Scharia 24 дня назад
Abigail Scharia
Abigail Scharia 24 дня назад
thats right
Dahomie Barbee
Dahomie Barbee 24 дня назад
If you want a good laugh just skip to 1:42😂😂😂😂😂
jaythunder19 Jaythunder19
jaythunder19 Jaythunder19 24 дня назад
These videos are so lame like it's not even funny like it used to be
IM YRS 25 дней назад
Oct 25 дней назад
This is 4 hours
stickfig 25 дней назад
HIGH SCORE 2:03 7:14
Itz Tinoo
Itz Tinoo 25 дней назад
Please go subscribe to my channel
AZPIL2000 27 дней назад
Natasha Taylor
Natasha Taylor 27 дней назад
28:57 she just got a tast of thez nunsss
Natasha Taylor
Natasha Taylor 27 дней назад
дима шейник
дима шейник 27 дней назад
каму не жалко подпишиться камне и скока кто может скинуть мне карточку Crédit Agricole 4390230621577884 на реалибитацию
Russell 27 дней назад
Very interesting, but a lot of repetition
JakeTheSnake Astronomy
JakeTheSnake Astronomy 27 дней назад
i didn't laugh once
Oscar Jones
Oscar Jones 27 дней назад
Ha ha
Planner. addicted
Planner. addicted 27 дней назад
ted ed
XxpandakayXx Carne
XxpandakayXx Carne 28 дней назад
i lie how feel off the beatch XDDDD
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the pitbull family
the pitbull family 29 дней назад
Check out my funny dog videos! The pitbull family
Blanca irma Moreno
Blanca irma Moreno 29 дней назад
Jajaja que gracioso
Salma Ahmed
Salma Ahmed 29 дней назад
Riley Jude Tan
Riley Jude Tan 29 дней назад
Sorry but nothing actually made me laugh compared to other funny videos i still clicked the like button BTW
Perla Flores
Perla Flores 29 дней назад
its funny how some be trying to act like nun happened
MaN WorlD Лучшие Подборки Видео
MaN WorlD Лучшие Подборки Видео 28 дней назад
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Lisa B
Lisa B 29 дней назад
Dinosaur down
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