Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club (Official Video)

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Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club
The New Album 'Chemtrails Over The Country Club' - Out March 19th
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Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Chemtrails Over The Country Club. © 2021 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited

ashthe bash
ashthe bash 4 часа назад
Terrific!!! Fantastic!!! Excellent!!!! It is about time CHEMTRAILS were brought into the mainstream, and using music to do it is pure genius! Lana Del Ray thank you you really are a beautiful success after all of your ups and downs through life, a very lovely voice that hits emotions some never thought that they had.😉 The film producer is second to none, what a blinding music video so professional! Here are some other subjects you can sing and make music videos to, see below. Watching the following interview of an expert epidemiologist in the video link below, will enlighten those with eyes to see and ears to hear. This is not about a pandemic it’s about global control, a Great Reset. The agenda is about wiping out history and our elderly to forge a New World Order. Phrases used by the worlds 1%: We are all in this together! We want our planet back! Build back better! You will own nothing and you will be happy! Destabilisation Denationalisation Depopulation They are doing it by working one against the other through well timed and disguised plans of deception, committing crimes against humanity in order to reach an ultimate aim. False information being bandied about globally, and then relayed via mainstream media, and also through the education system, a fully inclusive bent facts indoctrination of our youth through various levels of administrative force too. Our so called overseers will continue to do as they have always done. A Leopard never changes its spots, the evidence is clear for all to see in all the previous global resets, resets that they wish to fully cover up albeit stealthily overtime. The totalitarian tip toe. Undoubtedly all western governments controlling their populations around the world, have indeed subscribed to the narrative of the beast, (Popery!)and all the subjugated are being subjected to the fear porn. We are being spoon fed the on a second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, month by month, and nearly yearly basis, simultaneously and at once by a well oiled machine. They’re really taking the grinder to the mill in fact it’s all ready in the mill, and we are all being processed into human flour, talk about separating the wheat from the tares!🧐 What was once the consumer has now become the product! Don’t partake in any solutions!👽🦠👁🚓⛑💉⚰️⌛️Will you?😉
Winter Snow
Winter Snow 4 часа назад
This is so Beautiful, Darkness is perfect Kindness in disguise. June ... me too, Gemini sun, Libra Moon :o))
Roman P.
Roman P. 4 часа назад
The more often i watch this video and listen to the lyrics, the more I understand the whole figure Lana del Rey. If you ask me, the whole Song and video sums up everything Lana del Rey is about. A big fat criticism of what most people think she is about. Like "everything is fine in this world, we are free and wild, we wear jewels in the swimming pool, nothing bad happens to us, we think so because we are controlled by the stuff in the air..the chemtrails". which is of course total bullshit,. there is no such thing as chemtrails, and the world is a very bitter bitter place to live in. And as much as vampires just part of legends and fairy tales, the picture she shows in this video is also just made up. Like everything she does, it shows you the bitter reality of todays world but in disguise... combined with her voice, the hypnotic music, the looks,...
Hildana Shisema
Hildana Shisema 4 часа назад
i was so entranced by the nostalgic and reverie like first part it was such a masterpiece and then thing took a turn for the dark side and when they started a seance like sisterhood of werewolves thing i was like damn i like it even more now.
Al T
Al T 4 часа назад
She's singing about your geoengineered climate change/global warming and your getting blamed for it.
OnlyYou ba
OnlyYou ba 4 часа назад
I can die for you🔫
Luiz Rodrigues
Luiz Rodrigues 4 часа назад
I turned off the wifi and turned on the mobile data, I insist on paying For that
Andranik Minasyan
Andranik Minasyan 4 часа назад
Antonia I
Antonia I 4 часа назад
Feels like we're in quarantine now because of the chemtrails and ruining nature... that kind of vibe
Eloy Díaz Naranjo
Eloy Díaz Naranjo 4 часа назад
probably best song of lana
E.P 7
E.P 7 4 часа назад
Alex Jones sent me here
Talia B
Talia B 4 часа назад
♡ Thanx
Summertime Sadness
Summertime Sadness 4 часа назад
Lana is back and i am so happy
Quinn Travers
Quinn Travers 4 часа назад
Someone tell me what car she’s driving
Vc's Photography
Vc's Photography 4 часа назад
So is she in the illum👁 or warning us about them??
NiHED N_WR 4 часа назад
She literally has the voice of an angel. I'm just coming here like every hour.
kleiner Vampir ㇱ
kleiner Vampir ㇱ 4 часа назад
Lana del Rey is the Queen 🥺
Maria Ramos
Maria Ramos 4 часа назад
lana: " your born in December im born in june " jared leto born in December..
Bismak Souza
Bismak Souza 4 часа назад
7 milhões
Anna Rychok
Anna Rychok 4 часа назад
beautiful. the fake mask tho...
G Rodriguez
G Rodriguez 4 часа назад
Lana these are the story board options for your 4 minute video clip, which ones would you like? Lana: yes.
Sxnxdxy 4 часа назад
wow the same director as butterfly effect by travis scott. I thought I saw a transition effect or two before... 2:50 - 3:08 same sped up effect from other videos he's edited there is one more from the butterfly effect track by travis scott and its a burning paper edit.. like the screen burns away is the best way I can explain it. It also explains the weird satan stuff towards the end that makes no sense but exposes how country clubs are like fancy club/strip clubs
Charles Ewing
Charles Ewing 4 часа назад this is a yikes from me guys
Amor 4 часа назад
love Her 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💔🇮🇱🇺🇸🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
auri a
auri a 4 часа назад
whats your guys big 3? my sun is libra my moon is libra and my rising is gemini
james lannom
james lannom 4 часа назад
Interesting creative and transports us cool music video thank you your quite talented and have a beautiful singing voice
Kevin Farron
Kevin Farron 4 часа назад
Why aren’t the end ad libs in the final version of the song ? 😢
moon li
moon li 4 часа назад
thank you Lana for making me someone better, love ya
Danniela Mndz
Danniela Mndz 4 часа назад
Baby, what's your sign?
james lannom
james lannom 5 часов назад
In tropical wester astrology my moon is in leo also but in vedic astrology the birth chart puts the moon of mine in cancer in pushs nakshatra we have the same moon jus a different nakshatra of the same moon in vedic
ultraviolent 5 часов назад
this is wonderful omg
Splendor Neko2
Splendor Neko2 5 часов назад
I’m here because Alex Jones talked about this song/video.
Sarath 4 часа назад
I thought I was the only one lmao
Sxnxdxy 5 часов назад
and now everyone believes it
Mubarak Ali
Mubarak Ali 5 часов назад
Myyy favourite part 4:30
tonza123456789 5 часов назад
What a voice wow ❤😍😍😍 goosebumps
Mubarak Ali
Mubarak Ali 5 часов назад
Your born in December I'm born in june A tru summer kweenn
Kat studying chinese
Kat studying chinese 5 часов назад
she is getting more and more beautiful and talanted
Mubarak Ali
Mubarak Ali 5 часов назад
She's the bestttt
Mubarak Ali
Mubarak Ali 5 часов назад
I din liked drivers license
Mubarak Ali
Mubarak Ali 5 часов назад
Keep streaming
f.n f.n
f.n f.n 5 часов назад
The chemtrails are real wake the fuck up People!! They block out the sun on purpose!!
Mubarak Ali
Mubarak Ali 5 часов назад
Mubarak Ali
Mubarak Ali 5 часов назад
Beatrice Padula
Beatrice Padula 5 часов назад
Every song s a new experience , more than an experience
Matheus de Brito
Matheus de Brito 5 часов назад
Евгений Кармызов.
Евгений Кармызов. 5 часов назад
Лучшая из всех. Люблю твои песни безумно😍 Тату Born to die на моем предплечье)
Buenos SuperLife
Buenos SuperLife 5 часов назад
Too many people are watching this while vast asleep.
Jasper Miller
Jasper Miller 4 часа назад
Hey guys ! If any of you have time then please check out the cover of this song I did on my channel . That would be really appreciating ....
amani monsit
amani monsit 5 часов назад
Pierre Junior
Pierre Junior 5 часов назад
Manu De Backer
Manu De Backer 5 часов назад
Now do you believe in chemtrails?
Layeba Taher
Layeba Taher 5 часов назад
Who is the girl in red
fahmi riski
fahmi riski 5 часов назад
Cooler than ever and forever!!!!!
EmSilly 5 часов назад
The Lord Jesus Christ is coming back soon..repent and believe the Gospel or likewise perish.
Jasper Miller
Jasper Miller 4 часа назад
Hey guys ! If any of you have time then please check out the cover of this song I did on my channel . That would be really appreciating ...
Akane Sasu
Akane Sasu 5 часов назад
After "The Greatest" we're served with "The Chemtrails over the Country Club". Life is Satisfying with this.
EmSilly 5 часов назад
You are part of the agenda
EmSilly 5 часов назад
Chemtails aren't a conspiracy
WKEASPHK4EVA 5 часов назад
Some libturd is saying in their head that no geo-engineering/chemtrails is a conspiracy theory while wearing their foil mask 🙄 this song definitely is a foreshadow of the apocalypse soon to be here on Jan 20.
Educational Lunch
Educational Lunch 5 часов назад
Lana your a world hero. This is the song of our time. As humans we must all come together. Love the song. Peace. Stop the hate.
Buenos SuperLife
Buenos SuperLife 5 часов назад
Aint nobody gonna speak about the satanism at the end?
rawpog 5 часов назад
Alex Jones brought me here
Gianlorenzo Timorati
Gianlorenzo Timorati 5 часов назад
Album 19th March💛
Gianlorenzo Timorati
Gianlorenzo Timorati 5 часов назад
Gianlorenzo Timorati
Gianlorenzo Timorati 5 часов назад
Love you
Aprajita Singh
Aprajita Singh 5 часов назад
I can dare anyone if they can get the rhythm out of their heads!!
Bobo Asia
Bobo Asia 4 часа назад
For real. From the first listen and I can't get it out my head
Mariam zzz
Mariam zzz 5 часов назад
Chemtrails are real
longmayshereign •
longmayshereign • 5 часов назад
this is so amazing, so beautiful, so emotion filled
strelok k
strelok k 5 часов назад
#владрезновнеуходи распростроняем этот хештег везде по всему ютубу инстаграму тиктоку вк и т.д
strelok k
strelok k 5 часов назад
#владрезновнеуходи распростроняем этот хештег везде по всему ютубу инстаграму тиктоку вк и т.д
strelok k
strelok k 5 часов назад
#владрезновнеуходи распростроняем этот хештег везде по всему ютубу инстаграму тиктоку вк и т.д
Abi 777
Abi 777 5 часов назад
🌼If you’re reading this,you have amazing taste 🌼
Thomas Bell
Thomas Bell 5 часов назад
Alex Jones brought me here.
Jan Joshua Agta
Jan Joshua Agta 6 часов назад
Oooohh myyyy lana!! 😍😍🥰❤❤
Abi 777
Abi 777 6 часов назад
You don’t understand I’m ✨obsessed ✨
Abi 777
Abi 777 6 часов назад
Maria Ivanova
Maria Ivanova 6 часов назад
Chris K
Chris K 6 часов назад
Trying to interpret the meaning, maybe she is feeling caged and bored, her soul is wild and roaming, she is not truly at home in the country club
Bruce Jordan
Bruce Jordan 6 часов назад
Funny How Alex Jones and Steve Quayle talked about this for years over 20 years ago, only to be conspiracy theorists by the lamestream, state controlled media. Now they openly, arrogantly, and blatantly put it out in your face by way of music and television to show the "sleeping sheep" their globalist agenda. Yet many sheep just thinks this is some cute, fantasy. This is reality by the way of Song. Now go back to sleep💤 😴 🛏
Jasper Miller
Jasper Miller 4 часа назад
Hey guys ! If any of you have time then please check out the cover of this song I did on my channel . That would be really appreciating .....
Ashwini Singh
Ashwini Singh 6 часов назад
This woman will be the death of me ♡🔥
Mars 6 часов назад
This is terrible
R AZZ 6 часов назад
I love this
Phyarth 6 часов назад
When Tunguska even happens over the ocean is bad for coastal communities then Tunguska even happens in Tunguska and 100 bears been squished flat is very bad :) Over The Country Club is not funny :( Weather is fucking insane hot.
Venus Knightingale
Venus Knightingale 6 часов назад
Lana Del Ray is ICONIC. Love her! 😍💙💜
Tavia Kane
Tavia Kane 6 часов назад
If only humans would look up....
Nick Doudkine
Nick Doudkine 6 часов назад
Epstein and satanic references
Camila Del Aguila
Camila Del Aguila 6 часов назад
what! stop please
Greenstar Greenstar
Greenstar Greenstar 6 часов назад
Oh sooooo nice in a Bad time!
Hayal Bilimci
Hayal Bilimci 6 часов назад
she is fucking beautiful
Escee Ralte
Escee Ralte 6 часов назад
Chris Scars
Chris Scars 6 часов назад
Very interesting symbolism.
sumit3789 6 часов назад
Don't give up ,Lana's with you
Treasure Richards is a bitch lyrics
Treasure Richards is a bitch lyrics 6 часов назад
i love you lana
Badtingyi 6 часов назад
Hello, everybody, welcome to my youtube channel,I love LANA too!
Lana Marsic
Lana Marsic 6 часов назад
Please hear me out, but this video kind of gives me Wizard Of Oz vibes. The mask reminds me of the red slippers, the tornado which transports Lana to the other realm of wilderness and darkness is like the tornado that transports Dorothy, the wolf is like toto, and the yellow lemons are reminiscent of the yellow brick road. It also plays on reverse/swap in the sense that in real life Lana's Leo is her sun and her Cancer is her moon, and when she enters the tornado the world turns black and white rather than colorised (like in the Wizard Of Oz).
Daisy Velasquez
Daisy Velasquez 6 часов назад
The visuals 😍
Robles 6 часов назад
Lots of symbollsim...chemtrails, useless meshmask, biting into the poisen GMO apple, Nobody's son, nobody's daughter, satansim.
лола своя
лола своя 6 часов назад
Нет!не даю согласию!анулирую,сжигаю!
Я Поцарелло
Я Поцарелло 6 часов назад
Melissa Miller
Melissa Miller 6 часов назад
this whole video look like a VSCO filter
ТИМОХА 7 часов назад
Леша,спасибо,перешёл по твоей рекомендации,мне понравилось
Rob C
Rob C 7 часов назад
Did Lana just sampled the Deoxys theme? lmao they sound so similar
Bodka 37
Bodka 37 7 часов назад
Jacob Marshall
Jacob Marshall 7 часов назад
Jesus Christ is Lord. Accept Christ as your Lord and Savior today!!
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