Netflix 2021 Film Preview | Official Trailer

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9 дней назад

Here's a reason to get excited about 2021: Netflix has a new movie coming out every single week! This is just a sneak peak of the full list, which ranges from superheroes, to westerns, thrillers, rom-coms, action, comedy, and sometimes all of those things combined - and always with the world's biggest and best stars, directors, and fresh faces. Get hyped, people, because this year is gonna be a big one.
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Netflix is the world's leading streaming entertainment service with over 195 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.
Netflix 2021 Film Preview | Official Trailer

cool baet2088
cool baet2088 2 часа назад
Matthew Caine
Matthew Caine 7 часов назад
Let’s face it, we’re only ever gonna watch Chess Show and Strange kids
Solomon Dow
Solomon Dow 15 часов назад
FYI: The song is "coming for it" by lg team genius. Netflix really needs to credit the song's artists in their description.
Zuri Cheng
Zuri Cheng 18 часов назад
1:41 is that Sadie Sink ?! OMG can't wait until that movie premiers!!! I love Sadie so much!!!
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 21 час назад
Everyone: Cuties ruined Netflix Netflix 2021: Let’s see about that.
Crissa Fernandez
Crissa Fernandez 22 часа назад
Give me all those movie name
David Banks
David Banks День назад
This should be the commercial for everyone movie and TV show for every year
Abby Dean
Abby Dean День назад
Do you know that’s rude for giving away my new movies🧐
cynthia rouse
cynthia rouse День назад
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 21 час назад
Can't wait to see Valentina in Bruised. She's so awesome
Ninja for Christ
Ninja for Christ День назад
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Jeremy Good
Jeremy Good День назад
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Dany День назад
Netflix definitely did it. Feels like every Hollywood Star wants to be in a Series or Movie. You can't avoid Netflix. Congrats, from "There comes the competitor (with all the other Streaming services) Netflix is over, they are shit and put quantity over quality" to "Netflix rules the Market and is not bad anymore".
Urocyon День назад
Tony, The Stark
Tony, The Stark День назад
Even being quarantined and working from home, I don't thinkI'm gonna have time for all these movies!
Jim Windrunner
Jim Windrunner День назад
Bright 2???
ttt ppp
ttt ppp День назад
Looking forward to: 1. Don't Look Up 2. Red Notice 3. To all the boys I loved Before 3 4. Night Teeth 5. Malcom and Marie
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni День назад
Love this show, wake up early just to watch it ??
Realine Mañago
Realine Mañago День назад
Edward Morow
Edward Morow День назад
Leonardo DiCaprio Jennifer Lawrence Meryl Streep Cate Blanchett Timothee Chalamet Chris Evans Jonah Hill Ariana Grande Tyler Perry Matthew Perry Kid Cudi I'm so in for this film.
Natlibuz День назад presentation of the film in the national library of uzbekistan
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni День назад
I'd watch every goddamn movie with Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, or Leonardo effing DiCaprio in it.
Arjun Ps
Arjun Ps День назад
Anyone replaying the initial 5 seconds of this video? Cz I've been doin' it since ages.. :)
Music World
Music World 2 дня назад
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JackPot 3
JackPot 3 2 дня назад
Can't wait to see Valentina in Bruised. She's so awesome
cynthia rouse
cynthia rouse 2 дня назад
disney fan
disney fan 2 дня назад
Where is the disney plus version
Cesar Elias
Cesar Elias 2 дня назад
97% shit
mr Deadshot
mr Deadshot 2 дня назад
Amazon Disney+ -🙄🙄
SamuraiBlack 2 дня назад
Okay but can we not ignore the fact that Deadpool, Wonder Woman and Black Adam are all in the same room or am I the only one who noticed that??
Survival jungle kitchen
Survival jungle kitchen 2 дня назад
Malaika Safeer
Malaika Safeer 2 дня назад
*# B R I N G I T O N N E T F L I X#*
Wildest_Wahoo 2 дня назад
If they let Ryan make this, it would be 1/3 as long and 10x as impactful.
Gaurav Mehta
Gaurav Mehta 2 дня назад
A trailer about Trailers ! Netflix : Epic! Let's do that !
Jesieryl Alaras
Jesieryl Alaras 2 дня назад
AyoIGetCarried 3 дня назад
Did any see the title monster get posted if yall know yall know
John B
John B 3 дня назад
I'd watch every goddamn movie with Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, or Leonardo effing DiCaprio in it.
Best Video Compilations
Best Video Compilations 3 дня назад
Michael W
Michael W 3 дня назад
All the movies listed for those who are curious: The Harder they Fall Thunder Force Bruised Tick, Tick boom The Kissing Booths To all the Boys: Always and Forever The Woman in the Window Escape from Spiderhead Yes Day Sweet Girl Army of the Dead Outside the Wire Bad Trip O2 The Last Mercenary Kate Fear Street Night Teeth Malcom and Marie Monster Moxie The White Tiger Double Dad Back to the Outback Beauty Red Notice Don't look Up
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 2 дня назад
“What we love more is pushing woke ass leftist agendas” is really what they should have said. ;)
Tan Tho Le
Tan Tho Le 3 дня назад
background music anyone?
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 2 дня назад👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
David Heels
David Heels 3 дня назад
Absolutely nothing there that even vaguely interests me.
Meme Iselfaneye
Meme Iselfaneye 3 дня назад
"Don't Look Up." Leo: **LOOKS UP** YOU HAD ONE JOB!
BabeMagnet69 3 дня назад
Why is Ryan Reynolds taller than the rock
Just don't look at my nickname !!
cynthia rouse
cynthia rouse 3 дня назад
Natalia Montesinos
Natalia Montesinos 3 дня назад
They got Leo!!!!!!!
Tony P
Tony P 3 дня назад
I used to like Dwayne Johnson until he got political. He was my favorite actor. Now he lost all credibility.
Tony P
Tony P 2 дня назад
@Austin Hampshire wouldn't surprise me
Austin Hampshire
Austin Hampshire 2 дня назад
And started going by Diane
Gareth Cotterell
Gareth Cotterell 3 дня назад
Anyone know what the song is ?
Mia Waring
Mia Waring 3 дня назад
Raju Sagar
Raju Sagar 3 дня назад
2:20 Leonardo😱😍🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💯
Laila Awkthy
Laila Awkthy 3 дня назад👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Laila Awkthy
Laila Awkthy 3 дня назад👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Laila Awkthy
Laila Awkthy 3 дня назад👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Daniel French
Daniel French 3 дня назад
“What we love more is pushing woke ass leftist agendas” is really what they should have said. ;)
Adiel E. Saint-Vil
Adiel E. Saint-Vil 3 дня назад
still no lucifer
whatever 3 дня назад
Disney: **prepares another failed remake of a animated movie from 30 years ago**
Kangkan Kakaty
Kangkan Kakaty 3 дня назад
I will binge watch all these in 2022
Kasey's Life
Kasey's Life 3 дня назад
I'm so hyped!
NEWS 365
NEWS 365 3 дня назад
Netflix to be next Disney ??? Comment here.
Aditya 3 дня назад
0:38 I'm here only to see Andrew garfield! He's coming back after such a long period of time
Gabriela Macedonio
Gabriela Macedonio 3 дня назад
Valance Music
Valance Music 3 дня назад
2:17 Mhmm I see you Netflix
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 3 дня назад
AND MATTHEW PERRY?! What a cast!!
PHENIEL LANZ 3 дня назад
Disney Plus: You can’t beat me Netflix: Are you sure about that? HBO Max: Hold my beer Hulu: idgaf I’m just chillin out here 😐 Prime video: I’m richer than all of you combined idgaf either Peacock: are y’all free tho?... yeah that’s what I thought 😏......... wait
PHENIEL LANZ 15 часов назад
@James Ward oh quibi was always dead XD
James Ward
James Ward 2 дня назад
Quibi: 💀
Mezzour Driss
Mezzour Driss 3 дня назад
Who's here excited for Army of the dead and Red Notice
Ferni Cuvi
Ferni Cuvi 3 дня назад
I need a Gap Year for this. OMG 🤩
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 3 дня назад
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Salsa Bila
Salsa Bila 3 дня назад
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ponighianneabad Abad
ponighianneabad Abad 3 дня назад
I'm just looking forward to Moxie
SeeTheWholeTruth 3 дня назад
Netfix found their crowd, kids with their parents credit card. The actors say, oh? Money? Im in.
Cara Roots
Cara Roots 3 дня назад
Worked :)
WH Y 3 дня назад
sunaina behera
sunaina behera 3 дня назад
The woman in the window ❤️
clyde collins
clyde collins 3 дня назад
Worst promo ever. I will not watch any of those properties.
Jaeger Kharjudio
Jaeger Kharjudio 3 дня назад
I’m alright if Kissing Booth got delayed forever 😂
Erika Rodriguez
Erika Rodriguez 4 дня назад
um yes
Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez 4 дня назад
Besides Don't Look Up all the movies look mediocre. HBO Max has the better lineup.
C R 4 дня назад
*So this is why they’re charging us extra?*
Reelalife 4 дня назад
Ok, I hate, HATE, being that person, but someone has to say it. This seems like a glowing example of quantity over quality. The trailer is super impressive and good on Netflix for popping out a new movie every week and trying to take over the world from Disney (cause we all know that’s all this is about),but just because you put out a LOT of movies doesn’t make them GOOD movies. For every When They See Us or Bridgerton there is a Tall Girl, Kissing Booth, or Sierra Burgess. So even though no higher ups will ever read this, Netflix, slow down, stop trying to win the most subscribers by putting out the most content and focus on making good quality movies instead of the most movies hoping something will stick. Ok . Sorry. Rant over! 😉
N Russ
N Russ 3 дня назад
You may not consider some shows/movies 'good' but there's certainly a market and people that will enjoy them. It's all subjective. One can appreciate a well done doc or highly acclaimed drama, but can also find a silly rom-com, predictable action movie, reality show... whatever, GOOD, especially if they're just looking for something new and to be entertained for a couple of hours. There's room and will be a lot of releases to keep interest for different people liking different things. They were already averaging multiple movies a month.
Roman Lacko
Roman Lacko 4 дня назад
so when does dysney buy netflix?
Nail Or Fail
Nail Or Fail 4 дня назад
Lin later at home: Halie Barry owes me a coke.
Munchkin Russel
Munchkin Russel 4 дня назад
It just made me smile :)
Justin Fencsak
Justin Fencsak 4 дня назад
Too much movie
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf 4 дня назад
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Cap MXM 4 дня назад
Trailer length: 2:44. That's also the average time you remember a Netflix movie after watching it
Abdullah Siddiqui
Abdullah Siddiqui 4 дня назад
HBO Max: We'll Stream every WB movie on Max Netflix: We have Leo 😍
Abdullah Siddiqui
Abdullah Siddiqui 4 дня назад
Last 2 Actors have more Oscars than all others combined
cynthia rouse
cynthia rouse 4 дня назад
Erica 4 дня назад
LETS GO!!! I was upset that they raised prices AGAIN but I gotta say I’m not as peeved anymore.
Matt Poslusny
Matt Poslusny 4 дня назад
It's not the movie stars that got smaller.... It's the screen.
Krisha Tols
Krisha Tols 4 дня назад
Whaaaaaaat I'm soooo eager to watch Thunderforce!!!
Soban Malik
Soban Malik 4 дня назад
Cant wait
Oz El
Oz El 4 дня назад
Netflix: Bring me everyone.. we gonna do shitload of movies this year.. Casting Manager: What do you mean "everyone"? Netflix: EVVVEERRRYYYOONNNEE!!
никола питерский 2021
никола питерский 2021 4 дня назад
Mo. Aatif Qureshi
Mo. Aatif Qureshi 4 дня назад
Denise Salas
Denise Salas 4 дня назад
Just when I was going to give up on NETFLIX .... Finally something worth to watch 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🔥
Nishant Parker
Nishant Parker 4 дня назад
The song - Lg team genius -coming for it ...thank me later
Fazal Ahmed
Fazal Ahmed 4 дня назад
Everyone miss to notice the underdog here, The White Tiger.
Abheek Kaushal
Abheek Kaushal 4 дня назад
Leo is so awesome they had to stop the background music just so we can appreciate him😍😍
D Shortcut
D Shortcut 4 дня назад
was not expectimg leo.... Now i am in
makka y
makka y 4 дня назад
Hollywood is a propaganda mind altering tool of the globalists to make you accept the NEW WORLD ORDER...These big STARS who think they are larger than life are just sellouts..
Muruni Manjunath
Muruni Manjunath 5 дней назад
This does put a smile on my face
Nataly Mendez
Nataly Mendez 5 дней назад
Looks like Ima be home all day long!!!!😏😌
Nataly Mendez
Nataly Mendez 5 дней назад
OMFG I CANT WAIT!!!!!😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mayflower Queen
Mayflower Queen 5 дней назад
Yessss happy dance 💃🏽
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