Responding to PewDiePie
День назад
Bronny James VS FaZe Rug! (Intense 1v1)
The Next Chapter...
14 дней назад
First to Dig the $10,000 Diamond, Keeps It
Tori Gutierrez
Tori Gutierrez 2 часа назад
I love your videos
1k Thrust
1k Thrust 2 часа назад
If they argue like this on camera what do they argue abt off camera?
Covenant Rolingson
Covenant Rolingson 2 часа назад
4:23 mama rug saying u know what noah ruh this track hahaha
Kunai 2 часа назад
Happy earth day
Antman playz
Antman playz 2 часа назад
For Noah I give it a 8/10
CJ GAMING 2 часа назад
Lauren's Life
Lauren's Life 2 часа назад
Him-that hurted Vocabulary teacher-ITS CALLED HURTS!!!!
Veronica Flores
Veronica Flores 2 часа назад
When I show my parents they like who is this guy
Dark kasully290
Dark kasully290 2 часа назад
Its just now hitting me Pewdiepie Dosent Give A Shit About Anyone Else He Just Criticizing Everyone
SpamJ Ochoa
SpamJ Ochoa 2 часа назад
pewds spitting💯
Veronica Flores
Veronica Flores 2 часа назад
Brian Maltos
Brian Maltos 2 часа назад
How tf he knows what a baby’s but smells like 😂😂😂
Armando Lopez
Armando Lopez 2 часа назад
I think the most longest is till jalapeno or tapatio bc I'm mexican and I'm just. aLol kid of 10 yrs old And I think my parents would reach to serrano
TheCrusher 2 часа назад
They said there was a big crowd outside waiting but there was only 6 people outside.
Josiel Rosario
Josiel Rosario 2 часа назад
I saw the video on tik tok of this guy screaming ill marry you
Kryztan Alicando
Kryztan Alicando 2 часа назад
i think he got possessed by a ghost
Bryan Lopez
Bryan Lopez 2 часа назад
Who else watching this
joseph baker
joseph baker 2 часа назад
Noah “ really on every one lmao
Rafi khairan
Rafi khairan 2 часа назад
well it actually happens in 2021
Landen Bailey
Landen Bailey 2 часа назад
Nobody: Edp455: 6:40
Noah Rockwell
Noah Rockwell 2 часа назад
Anthony before and now big change
Jaydon Renne
Jaydon Renne 2 часа назад
I want a iphone 12 and a ps5 pls I really need it pls faze rug I subscribe,comment and like and share so pls
6Bird Gang9
6Bird Gang9 2 часа назад
13:20 How Tf Did Yall Stay Quiet😂😂😭😭
Nina Faalogoifo
Nina Faalogoifo 2 часа назад
darlene zesati
darlene zesati 2 часа назад
i eat the first one all the time and I am seven
Vopro 2 часа назад
Bozly's left eye needs to be looked at by the vet.
Oscar Solis
Oscar Solis 2 часа назад
When he didn’t know that they made $80 cake bro watch mr beast he blowing cash to $10000 cakes lol
Sebastian Holguin Arriaga
Sebastian Holguin Arriaga 2 часа назад
bro every viedo he shows of how rich he is hahahaha
Anmol 4m
Anmol 4m 2 часа назад
Winning a 1000$ giveaway would be life chnging . Amritsar,India
Ron Cole
Ron Cole 2 часа назад
Trippi red
Aubrey Campbell
Aubrey Campbell 2 часа назад
Faze rug vids always get me in a good mood!
c dubz
c dubz 2 часа назад
love your videos
Vanessa Wood
Vanessa Wood 2 часа назад
that lady was a real one
Lorena Espinoza
Lorena Espinoza 2 часа назад
Antman playz
Antman playz 2 часа назад
From 1/10 I say 9/10
Adam Hazimeh
Adam Hazimeh 2 часа назад
6:40 Noah sus
ZxxVert 2 часа назад
I fell for that
Adriel Aponte
Adriel Aponte 2 часа назад
Yo what’s good .
Yo what’s good . 2 часа назад
Michael Briggs
Michael Briggs 2 часа назад
WILLYMAXY BOI 2 часа назад
Yo faze your awesome
ken makuac
ken makuac 2 часа назад
no girl
esy the pezy
esy the pezy 2 часа назад
a baby with a mushdash
LILLY HATFIELD 2 часа назад
Rug is definitely puting on some mucule am I right or am I right
Aggro tea YT
Aggro tea YT 2 часа назад
Popcorn is the best
Jacob d
Jacob d 2 часа назад
These LA boys don't know about Long Johns. Eat a proper donut with bacon my boy
Bryant Griffith
Bryant Griffith 2 часа назад
Emily A. Martinez
Emily A. Martinez 2 часа назад
😂😂 omg nor!!! I love her
Asha Khan
Asha Khan 2 часа назад
You have absolutely amazing content . Never give up on it
monojit dhar
monojit dhar 2 часа назад
8:53 yea like you what did u do to get scuccesfull nothing and got 100million subs for what nothing at least they are tryna help the community and like how did u even get at first with ur wieed looking headset shut up and appreciate what people do moron
Elliott & Rhett The basketball stars
Elliott & Rhett The basketball stars 2 часа назад
Put a thumbs up if faze rug is ur favorite youtuber 👇
Mr Clasher
Mr Clasher 2 часа назад
My BIG goal is to reach 200k amazing subscribers goal this year 🙌
IX_305 2 часа назад
Your so short like your 5 7 and like 25 im 10 and im 6 foot
Classy Sassy
Classy Sassy 2 часа назад
Robin Dabank
Robin Dabank 2 часа назад
Yo rug can I have a signature on my drawing my friend is going to see you
Jordan Palomar
Jordan Palomar 2 часа назад
I want the phone caz I don't have a tv
Justin Parratt
Justin Parratt 2 часа назад
At 10:00 faze rug sounded like a horse, haha
ethan eastman
ethan eastman 2 часа назад
slams the door lol
Catalina Godsey
Catalina Godsey 2 часа назад
That’s just 😔
Keaton bebensee
Keaton bebensee 2 часа назад
POV: Your eating and watching the video
c dubz
c dubz 2 часа назад
dude your videos are the best
L2z Xtra
L2z Xtra 2 часа назад
Rip bosley’s left eye
Aakash Kuttu
Aakash Kuttu 2 часа назад
Bosely is getting very chunky he should hit the gym
Dastan BautistaYT
Dastan BautistaYT 2 часа назад
FAZE RUG SHORT view this hahaha
Elliott & Rhett The basketball stars
Elliott & Rhett The basketball stars 2 часа назад
There was a price tag on the sunglasses lol 😂
Hamdi Mataan
Hamdi Mataan 2 часа назад
How are you will put peanut oil is a if you don’t see Balsley
Rebel Rob
Rebel Rob 2 часа назад
I have the knife set of the expensive knife and they are great.
Nugget 2 часа назад
Jacob Sullivan
Jacob Sullivan 2 часа назад
Noah definitely peeked with the loshon when he went to "eat" it.
Candie Little
Candie Little 2 часа назад
I can tell what is cheap because I am poor.
Jairus Blay
Jairus Blay 2 часа назад
Yeah i seE the face bines
Asha Khan
Asha Khan 2 часа назад
They are just leg pullers faze rug
progamer gang
progamer gang 2 часа назад
I love faze rug but am mad at pewdiepie
Remakinq 2 часа назад
the memories
Shine Shineee
Shine Shineee 2 часа назад
i subscribed already a long time ago hope u will get 20m let's get it
swaggy ja
swaggy ja 2 часа назад
Wait since when was Bosley blind with one eye
Anthony Adame
Anthony Adame 2 часа назад
@prettyboyfredo the goat did this💯 SSH WYA AND LOVE THIS PRANK🔥🔥
Varun 2 часа назад
Lmao why is this on my recommended now?
Anas Muhaimin
Anas Muhaimin 2 часа назад
Faze rug why u not fasting akhi
jace callaway
jace callaway 2 часа назад
Destroyer Beast
Destroyer Beast 2 часа назад
Rug: if ur hungry now I’m sorry Me fasting 🤤