Live: NBC News NOW - Jan. 22
2 дня назад
Dee Zimmo
Dee Zimmo 4 часа назад
Overpopulation is the world most important issue..a single woman with five children is not a family, it is a tragedy. Where are the children's fathers??
Peter Dragon
Peter Dragon 4 часа назад
Joe Bidens Covid-19 is.extra contagious
brook Parsons
brook Parsons 4 часа назад
Hearteh-49 <3 Lucid Dream, Kamala and You should know NOW, We the People! Its time! Freedom and Justice for All!! Ameen
Rick Pontificates
Rick Pontificates 4 часа назад
Phillip Begay
Phillip Begay 4 часа назад
Moms are always right, she says did you wash your hands.
Van Hughes
Van Hughes 4 часа назад
Raise those taxes on the rich.
Saoirse 4 часа назад
You Fn keep mine 🖕🏾 I don’t want it
sykrxze 4 часа назад
IrataWraithGirl 4 часа назад
Finally, something is getting done.
Rori XX BlackSniperPresents
Rori XX BlackSniperPresents 4 часа назад
They all talk like old goats after a fierce milking session🤣🤣🤣
Silver To Gold In House
Silver To Gold In House 4 часа назад
Trump - I've got the data Lady - Then give us the data Trump - They should give you the data but the won't
Tater’s Woodshop
Tater’s Woodshop 4 часа назад
ササミヤ 4 часа назад
I'm just here for the MAGA tears. 🤤🤣🤤🤣
G Unit
G Unit 4 часа назад
I thought Biden had a plan. Nope, just pandered. He even said there isn't anything that can be done with the trajectory of where Covid is going. So, his plan was to do exactly what was already being done.
Jessica Sinclair
Jessica Sinclair 4 часа назад
00:39 this man should be ashamed of himself he didn't even help the poor lady.
Ana M Cruz
Ana M Cruz 4 часа назад
The same happened in Germany with Hitler , blind followers , that’s our future ?!!
Lexii _18
Lexii _18 4 часа назад
10 second biden
Stacy Kramer
Stacy Kramer 4 часа назад
Joe made in China Xiden is NOT my president. No way this guy won.
The Mikeanic
The Mikeanic 4 часа назад
She/he clearly did not get its job for ability to publicly speak, more for its China 🇨🇳 colored hair. A constant symbol of who is in charge
Bui Mai
Bui Mai 4 часа назад
I love you and I wish people can see the truth behind the veil. Love love love 🙏🥰☀️🤩💰😍😘😄🌟💕✨
Joshua Cummings
Joshua Cummings 4 часа назад
nunuvyo bizniz
nunuvyo bizniz 4 часа назад
Yo I'm white. Any black folks want my vaccine? lol
Janice Wahl
Janice Wahl 4 часа назад
ryan crownover
ryan crownover 4 часа назад
T-T-T-Today Jr
THỢ ĐÁ MIỀN ĐÔNG 4 часа назад
Hello. I'm from Vietnam. And I work in the granite and granite industry. It's great to know your country through RUposts videos. Your country is wonderful and I look forward to one day coming to your country to visit. Nice to meet you and exchange with you and hope you support your RUposts channel for mutual development. Thanks very much
Ruby Jams
Ruby Jams 4 часа назад
Biden don't care about your unimployment.. He wants everyone out of business.. All preordained plans for the global reset.. He's a globalist and that is honoustly true.. I'm sorry to tell ya'll that
Samuelabra 4 часа назад
I just feel so bad that Senator Ossoff's victory had to be called in the middle of such a horrific day.
Chuck Karl
Chuck Karl 4 часа назад
Buy American. Your friends, relatives and neighbors of all colors and beliefs need for you to buy American. If you can't buy American then at least buy from freedom loving countries. A common goal will keep American great, not dishonest rhetoric.
planet devo
planet devo 4 часа назад
TheGreatLo Gan'dalf
TheGreatLo Gan'dalf 4 часа назад
Nothing is free. The FEMA centers are your future death camps and processing centers for the great accounting and sorting
Yolanda McBride
Yolanda McBride 4 часа назад
Thank you to our new administration for the level professionalism, compassion, and keeping us all informed while doing the work of we the people.
Thomas Biscan
Thomas Biscan 4 часа назад
They didnt accept trump so i will never accept biden.u cant trust biden to make a cup of coffee
witchmom davis
witchmom davis 4 часа назад
False president, impeach biden
Nickolas Jones
Nickolas Jones 4 часа назад
Tracking vaccines by race? Wow!
RSL 4 часа назад
Joe Biden is a criminal, the so called unity is to go after trump voters and labeled them as domestic terrorism.
Catherine Morris
Catherine Morris 4 часа назад
Are the homeless getting needed shots to keep them safe or are the going to be a casualty?
Ned Flanders
Ned Flanders 4 часа назад
Notice the like to dislike proportion? But he got 80 million votes. Comrade Joe and Commie Kamalatoe are doing this for THE BETTER GOOD. FOH...
Bob leroy
Bob leroy 4 часа назад
Yet more proof of a failed trump administration that imploded. Never Trump Again
Catarina Esteves
Catarina Esteves 4 часа назад
biden good
Ricky Fandango
Ricky Fandango 4 часа назад
Garbage dresses up as news.
Erik 4 часа назад
"They said we couldn't do 100 million in 100 days". We were already doing 1 million/day at the end of the Trump presidency. The fact that NBC just reports this without fact checking this statement is hilarious.
Thomas Biscan
Thomas Biscan 4 часа назад
I agree with that woman with the southern drawl
DeadMasterDubstep 4 часа назад
Can someone pass me the butter this comment section is gold
GoldenOunk 4 часа назад
At 1.25 speed its acutally pretty clear, Idk why yall are so upset
SneakySneakersons45 4 часа назад
Signing papers doesn't make things happen. The logistics of this operation is beyond him.
JakeBor 4 часа назад
Give my dose to someone who wants it. I like to rely on my immune system instead of Big Pharma.
Kumuhula Satele
Kumuhula Satele 4 часа назад
Are you his mom mmmm no
Farhan Khan
Farhan Khan 4 часа назад
jcal77 4 часа назад
Big deal they can shove it
Anthony McReynolds Jr
Anthony McReynolds Jr 4 часа назад
No way NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY he was voted in legally!!!!! No way!!!!!!
Zero Flecks
Zero Flecks 4 часа назад
Delete fb, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and tik tok, your life will improve dramatically!!!
The Mikeanic
The Mikeanic 4 часа назад
Apparently ability to speak smoothly and confident was not apart of the Craigslist ad
Thomas Schoenstein
Thomas Schoenstein 4 часа назад
Austin Zappola
Austin Zappola 4 часа назад
Flip yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou
Austin Zappola
Austin Zappola 4 часа назад
Andrew 4 часа назад
What is this ignorance. In the small mostly white town I live in , the vaccine hasn't arrived at all yet. Not that I would ever put something like that in my body. But you seriously believe that the virus targets one color over another? How stupid and brainwashed to you have to get to believe ignorance like this.
RockE 31
RockE 31 4 часа назад
Jack Vargas
Jack Vargas 4 часа назад
Smh people getting a vaccine with 0 long term data, hmmmm I wonder what could happen... oh and you still need to wear a mask😷😷😷😷
Terence Dove
Terence Dove 4 часа назад
And the swastikas planted in rural America still shine brightly, mesmerizing, hypnotizing, and ultimately replacing well-thought reason with unapologetic rhetoric...
stephenb1962 4 часа назад
This man is creepy. Sniffing young girls hair or women's hair is inappropriate and an invasion of personal space. Come on USA at vote for someone that isn't too old or creep
Robert Nelson
Robert Nelson 4 часа назад
The best is yet to come. Trust God. Trump Trump. Trust the military.
George Peterson
George Peterson 4 часа назад
It's not his office... It wasn't Trump's either... Or any president before or to come...
Truffs 4 часа назад
You never hear Republicans talk race like this.
Rellek_11 4 часа назад
I have HIGH hopes for the vaccine..please please please zombies 2021
Patriots Dynasty
Patriots Dynasty 4 часа назад
But yall call trump supporters cry babies
Jeff 4 часа назад
Funny that I still see so many people not at least wearing a surgical mask. Those cloth mask provides minimum protection and the scarves are useless or even worse for infection. People need to be more educated about this virus so we can get back to normal in this country.
JakeBor 4 часа назад
The normal ship sailed a long time ago. Masking and lockdowns are here to stay because of order-following sheep like yourself.
Lewis Whisenant
Lewis Whisenant 4 часа назад
Where is your mask lester?
BUBBA 4 часа назад
Demoncrates have used race division for over 100 years.
Allie Collin
Allie Collin 4 часа назад
Five years in ANY job, does NOT make them a veteran of ANYTHING!!!!! (Unless Military with combat experience!) 🤬🤬🤬🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Rob Lovegreen
Rob Lovegreen 4 часа назад
Many blacks don’t trust the vaccine. Remember the Muskogee experiment? Many whites don’t trust the vaccine either.
Mr. & Mrs. Laraunt
Mr. & Mrs. Laraunt 4 часа назад
Good, my body my choice, take my "vaccine" & give it to the female Obamas, after all if it's not bells palsy Pfizer was forced to admit that the "vaccines" are female sterilization drugs. Only a fool would thing the government is their friend & they're even stupider if they think the government will give up the power they've been allowed to take over this very very fake flu nonsense
Tom 4 часа назад
Jen was the BJ Queen 👸 at college. This is why President Biden hired her.
Jimmy Recce
Jimmy Recce 4 часа назад
What is the deal with our troops sleeping in a parking garage...this is a perfect example of where our country is at....we have become the laughing stock of the world...🤪🤪🤪
RedTaco76 4 часа назад
She needs to take a joke. He’s not calling every Native American Pocahontas. He is calling her that because she’s plumb crazy 😝
William Apolinar
William Apolinar 4 часа назад
Thanks Joe for bringing much needed comedy relief to our country. Everytime you open up that denture filled trap NOTHING but new comedy material comes out. And thank you for being so STUPID 😂, maybe you can appoint your son as head of the DEA🙄, Did you appoint CORNPOP to the white house security. Your a natural treasure joe? Looking forward to your next public appearance. God bless america 🙏
Giuseppe Mulè
Giuseppe Mulè 4 часа назад
Fafafagaga iiii mmmmm mamama joe
Tino Espinoza
Tino Espinoza 4 часа назад
Throw in a free vaccine with a purchase of a twelve pack. Super Bowl is around the corner. One way to distribute the vaccine. 😆 Some just don't want to get the vaccine. Living on the edge
Ileana Caribe
Ileana Caribe 4 часа назад
I don’t agree with President Biden on penalty for Americans not having Healthcare insurance. Let people have their full income tax money penalty free.
Thomas Schoenstein
Thomas Schoenstein 4 часа назад
Its a runner
sedevacantist1 4 часа назад
NBC sucks, a Democrat Baby-killer lap dog.
sychophantt 4 часа назад
The flu is still here so I assume the most deadly virus ever isn't going anywhere