FACE Meet MAT! 😂| Funniest Fails | AFV 2020
FAIL Meet FACE! 😆| Funny Videos | AFV 2020
Jhun Mar Entico
Jhun Mar Entico 6 часов назад
3:34 gray vented
Linda Eversley
Linda Eversley 6 часов назад
1 second
chris priestman
chris priestman 6 часов назад
soooo funny
Benjamin Rifkin
Benjamin Rifkin 6 часов назад
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. 19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. 21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.
NO PROBLEM BOSS 7 часов назад
Maija Clottey
Maija Clottey 7 часов назад
I think if Jin goes to military he will be happy like this
Amy Almanza
Amy Almanza 7 часов назад
Олька Ли
Олька Ли 7 часов назад
Subscribe to the channel And give me a like And share it with your friends On Olka Whether you subscribe!!! Everything is mutual.
Epic Life
Epic Life 8 часов назад
I love humanity's stupid
AHMED ALI 8 часов назад
He doesn’t even need foundation, that’s how great of skin he has
Jude VA
Jude VA 8 часов назад
Other countries: Americans must be plotting against us While AMERICA:
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham 8 часов назад
Overweight out of shape 😄
Colin Budi Mulia Handoko
Colin Budi Mulia Handoko 9 часов назад
4:50 when the christmas tree light is off, christmas is off also [JK]
annoying orange fan 10 years ago
annoying orange fan 10 years ago 9 часов назад
I ordered my laugh it should be here by any second now
MrAlfred7417 10 часов назад
Ha ha Ha ha ha
MrAlfred7417 10 часов назад
MoneyBagg Jayy
MoneyBagg Jayy 10 часов назад
38:12 Christian mccfaffery in pop warner 😂😂😂
•Suqar _ Bxba•
•Suqar _ Bxba• 10 часов назад
I mean atleast i know theyre slippery..?
Sharran Stevens
Sharran Stevens 10 часов назад
Most videos are just people hurting themselves. To me they are not really funny. But I’m not trying to be rude.
wawa Elias
wawa Elias 10 часов назад
The cringe all the cringe 🤦🏽‍♂️ my face got red and I’m watching all the way from RUposts I can just imagine how they felt these poor souls !!
Zack Borgmann
Zack Borgmann 10 часов назад
The bagel... I'm dying laughing!
Kent Farnsworth
Kent Farnsworth 10 часов назад
She didn't flush :/
Alexa Guzman
Alexa Guzman 10 часов назад
When she said minecraft had math: what it dose?
xI_MaziKeen_Ix 11 часов назад
Shower Scare was the best
xI_MaziKeen_Ix 11 часов назад
Have you Noticed the Worlds Getting Fatter :/
Vanessa Patao
Vanessa Patao 11 часов назад
Kid one because he took the trashcan down to the grass which the trashcan won too
CALVIN SING ZHI YANG Moe 11 часов назад
to funny
ammata thammavongsa
ammata thammavongsa 11 часов назад
19:00 Hahaha poor guy, he entered the room ejoying the day and the sister's voice... then... 🤣🤣
julian santillan
julian santillan 11 часов назад
Is been 1 years
julian santillan
julian santillan 11 часов назад
Is been 1 years ago
julian santillan
julian santillan 11 часов назад
Is been 1 years old ago
julian santillan
julian santillan 11 часов назад
Is been 1 years
julian santillan
julian santillan 11 часов назад
Is been 1 years old
Hannah Wackernagle
Hannah Wackernagle 12 часов назад
I like the port of the cat is palying the tree
껌둥이 12 часов назад
3:23 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ내가 말이냐?
Steven Gavra
Steven Gavra 12 часов назад
@8-BitRyan, you must see this
barry mcdougal
barry mcdougal 12 часов назад
spleengrrrl 13 часов назад
3:45 Let me get back at my alcoholic mother
willgarrett 13 часов назад
Nathen Tustin
Nathen Tustin 13 часов назад
Heres the thing you might have a chance of dieing but it might be fun there
Robert Chesser
Robert Chesser 13 часов назад
can we have sothing so funny that we cry plzz i wolud love
Robert Chesser
Robert Chesser 13 часов назад
Marcelo Liberman De Loreto
Marcelo Liberman De Loreto 13 часов назад
What i like the most is that the imaginary monicas from Friends boyfriend was named Jared. LMAO
Gogeta blue
Gogeta blue 13 часов назад
Not funny didn’t laugh
Angel Artamesia 2
Angel Artamesia 2 14 часов назад
OML this the stuff! lol >-<
Jahniyah Hughes
Jahniyah Hughes 14 часов назад
omg this is so funny
spleengrrrl 14 часов назад
These people are all grade-A buttholes and thanks a lot for giving us another batch of serial killers
Dave_Elite157 14 часов назад
It's like some took my storytimes and made it a video 🤣🤣
Sam Nelson
Sam Nelson 14 часов назад
😂 lol
Kenny Diaz
Kenny Diaz 14 часов назад
Carlos Barranco
Carlos Barranco 14 часов назад
This world: yep this is how we die cus some people are dumb
Carlos Barranco
Carlos Barranco 14 часов назад
Not really
isabel silva
isabel silva 15 часов назад
I can believe he did all the work and the video was sooo funny!
GELJOSH FOREVER 15 часов назад
Nice catching fishing
Kamila Jones
Kamila Jones 15 часов назад
6.46 what did they think it would happen? Seriously, the parents just filmed it instead of telling kids to stop and behave appropriately
Gisela Cortez
Gisela Cortez 15 часов назад
Some people are just babies pulling of masks! I does not hurt that bad! But it sure is funny!🥸
Alexander Colon
Alexander Colon 15 часов назад
Some of these are not Turkeys. Also, how is someone riding a cart in the backroom of a store and falls off funny? He fell 1 foot off the ground. Haha omg someone took a small triangle off a pumpkin pie and gave it to grandma, omg I'm peeing my pants. Geez, you guys really know comedy! Forget about Dave Chappelle, or any other comedy out there. Showing that clip really out did them all!!
Kendall Barrett
Kendall Barrett 15 часов назад
The third one was funny
Ty Broussard
Ty Broussard 16 часов назад
I wish there was a Verses with two of the most popular holidays: Halloween and Christmas
Simply Ananya
Simply Ananya 16 часов назад
These animals are so cute and funny?!!!
Charles Treadaway
Charles Treadaway 16 часов назад
2:26 he got an arm
Graham Kelly
Graham Kelly 16 часов назад
2:17 free trip to the naughty list
hugo pereira
hugo pereira 16 часов назад
6:30, is she ok?
La Von Hawkins
La Von Hawkins 16 часов назад
AFV was RUposts in the 90s
Emin Muradov
Emin Muradov 17 часов назад
I watched it for like 15 mins, no laughter from me.
Na ncy
Na ncy 17 часов назад
6:39 : EY U GHUULO
Alpha Hybrid Girl
Alpha Hybrid Girl 17 часов назад
at 5:43 I was caught off guard when the cat literally says "yes, please" Talk about cats with manners
Gladis Osuna
Gladis Osuna 17 часов назад
This is not funny 6:01
shermondre smith
shermondre smith 17 часов назад
fast forwerd to 4:08 i was mad mane i wanted that chocolet cake
Mikey Pardue
Mikey Pardue 17 часов назад
3:55 Lol
Aiden Sux at YT
Aiden Sux at YT 17 часов назад
Conta Ff
Conta Ff 18 часов назад
J. P.
J. P. 18 часов назад
Bruh i cant stop laughing hahahahahahaaj
zee on piano
zee on piano 18 часов назад
It's cool I Never laf bofor and amazing
J. P.
J. P. 18 часов назад
Can someone say hi to me
J. P.
J. P. 18 часов назад
aaron shirley
aaron shirley 18 часов назад
She's a toddler, send her to bed. Then you can play without interruption.
Froyo 345Yt
Froyo 345Yt 18 часов назад
Pawel Dąbrowski
Pawel Dąbrowski 18 часов назад
5:43 the cat really said it (in my opinion)
Ramir Young
Ramir Young 18 часов назад
I laughed so hard🤣
Pst Chris Okafor
Pst Chris Okafor 18 часов назад
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