6ix9ine - ZAZA (Official Lyric Video)
6IX9INE - ZAZA (Official Music Video)
6ix9ine - AVA (Official Lyric Video)
5 месяцев назад
6ix9ine - GTL (Official Lyric Video)
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6ix9ine - WAIT (Official Lyric Video)
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6ix9ine - TUTU (Official Lyric Video)
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6IX9INE - TUTU (Official Music Video)
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6ix9ine - PUNANI (Official Lyric Video)
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6IX9INE- PUNANI (Official Music Video)
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6IX9INE - YAYA (Official Lyric Video)
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6IX9INE- YAYA (Official Music Video)
8 месяцев назад
6ix9ine - GOOBA (Official Lyric Video)
9 месяцев назад
6IX9INE- GOOBA (Official Music Video)
9 месяцев назад
Posty 9 часов назад
RUposts is shitty af imagine taking down pewds disstrack wich was just a joke and NOT this...
lexi ramz
lexi ramz 9 часов назад
Some woman really have nothing else to offer but 🍑
k i n g
k i n g 9 часов назад
k i n g
k i n g 9 часов назад
صوة البلبل Fouad
صوة البلبل Fouad 9 часов назад
hichem oky
hichem oky 9 часов назад
be merciful with those on Earth and God will be merciful with you
Louise Elle
Louise Elle 9 часов назад
Imagine associating with a snitch
martha deliz
martha deliz 9 часов назад
Sanson has a lot to do in all aspects that have been in a good life and we will be happy with what you have to tell me and I am very happy about it for a
martha deliz
martha deliz 9 часов назад
Dayana has a few things that I think you should consider and we can discuss further 😉 😏 😄 😀 😊 😜 😉 😏 is not a great 😉 and I am very happy to hear that the new 😊 is not a problem for you the other night I was able 😊 to get you a new phone but I couldn't find see
Olivia Davidson
Olivia Davidson 9 часов назад
I love your song so much and I'm hidding my phone
martha deliz
martha deliz 10 часов назад
Love 💘 😻 💜 💛 💚 🧡 💘 😻 💜 💛 you have 2nd to end and we can get the kids up for you if you're still 😉 them 😀 you have no doubt that you 😉 it and you 😉 the best for it 👍 doubt it is not worth any of the other two 😉 but the best for me and u 4images my mind to the game I 😉 and you 😉 it 69 Sanson I will send you the updated copy tomorrow
partyhawk158 10 часов назад
This song is so good and so is gooba
Momo Hills
Momo Hills 10 часов назад
Who repeat it at 2021??
hichem oky
hichem oky 10 часов назад
Have mercy on those on earth, and may God have mercy on you
Aaliyah_Got_Vibez _
Aaliyah_Got_Vibez _ 10 часов назад
How the hell this got 8 million likes I just came back cause I thought about this video and I’m just like 😀
hichem oky
hichem oky 10 часов назад
ارحمو من في الارض يرحمكم من في السماء
The YorYimus
The YorYimus 10 часов назад
Aquí volviendo a recordar esos buenos tiempos
Benoit Tref
Benoit Tref 10 часов назад
69 69 69 6ix9ine
Дмитро Лещук
Дмитро Лещук 10 часов назад
0:19 so rich, but could not buy a belt 🤣
Cheznae Adams
Cheznae Adams 10 часов назад
Fuck you 69
Toxic Jay
Toxic Jay 10 часов назад
Даня Томкин
Даня Томкин 10 часов назад
2021 русские есть?
꧁park soso꧂
꧁park soso꧂ 10 часов назад
Slightly melt
XLEBAS 10 часов назад
CB 10 часов назад
What the hell is this, I'm in 1945
Trissa Baltii
Trissa Baltii 10 часов назад
Il joue vachement la dessus mtn comme cest la risée du game
enrq 10 часов назад
guess im one of the few that saved the video before meeks part was taken out
R.Denyer 10 часов назад
yo i swear when this first came out their was a clip in this song with him arguing with some1 or am i trippin?
youngreynaldo vevo
youngreynaldo vevo 10 часов назад
uzi x jt
uzi x jt 10 часов назад
Who’s here at almost a billion views?
Janiya kei Fofie
Janiya kei Fofie 10 часов назад
I can't hear that
Hakim 8.2
Hakim 8.2 10 часов назад
Fashion these days *sigh*
Karlo 10 часов назад
Meek left this Music Video in Silence. R.I.P. Meek the Mill ☠
Villain Deku
Villain Deku 10 часов назад
This is the most disgusting MUSIC VID i ever saw in my fkl.... Edit: 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
MrAlexsnoopy 10 часов назад
Turn up people
Bob 10 часов назад
6ix9ine sucks
Vanou Sisi
Vanou Sisi 10 часов назад
Where are those women come from ? They all are extremely curvy . Is it surgery or natural shape?
Ватафак Стив 2.0
Ватафак Стив 2.0 10 часов назад
Я знаю тут не кто не пишет русский комментарием почему каждый американский рэпер есть в тесте слова на букву н
Tiago Araújo oficial
Tiago Araújo oficial 10 часов назад
Ele gosta muito do Brasil né 🇧🇷
Micro Odds
Micro Odds 10 часов назад
He looks unhealthy 🤐
GachaEl F
GachaEl F 10 часов назад
Why nickie tho 🤣
Christopher Declet
Christopher Declet 10 часов назад
This is trash and bobby back u aint the king no more so stay in ur place rat
HAIDAR HAIDAR 10 часов назад
عيب عليك
GachaEl F
GachaEl F 10 часов назад
Surprised the dog isn’t rainbow lol
danni brayan salazar
danni brayan salazar 10 часов назад
Sixx el mejor
Nigel Green
Nigel Green 10 часов назад
Eww im a girl and they are so close to gat Kiss Ewwwwwwwww
Stefi StefsmN
Stefi StefsmN 10 часов назад
#ZaZa man Bang bang
Muhammed Ali
Muhammed Ali 10 часов назад
The most disrespectful piece of garbage ever
Profighter49 YT
Profighter49 YT 10 часов назад
first time meeting a nigga who has some common sense
Daquan Haywood
Daquan Haywood 10 часов назад
Гермина Гермийона Варга
Гермина Гермийона Варга 10 часов назад
Her gerty gerth
Tristanbropro Denver
Tristanbropro Denver 10 часов назад
people who just watch for the boodies
Patrik Schilling
Patrik Schilling 10 часов назад
Du 31er
El diablo El diablo Gaymer
El diablo El diablo Gaymer 10 часов назад
Por favor no te metas en más probelemas con otros raperos por favor por que te quieren matar y que nunca pase
BADE BATARYA 10 часов назад
Why is the name of this child's song yaya zaza? End 1:13 AQ
natu otemusu
natu otemusu 10 часов назад
Sampah 💩💩💩💩
Гермина Гермийона Варга
Гермина Гермийона Варга 10 часов назад
Yaya and rosie
Гермина Гермийона Варга
Гермина Гермийона Варга 10 часов назад
And rosia
jens Berg
jens Berg 10 часов назад
Actually good. Wished he switched out all the Zaza Tata Dada babas with actuall rhymes tho. Also, I just realized, sixnine is safe, probably until the kids of the guys he put away grows up.
jens Berg
jens Berg 10 часов назад
@John Diengdoh did I hate? I like 6ix9ine. Can't you read or something?
John Diengdoh
John Diengdoh 10 часов назад
Please don't hate on 69.. . He is a good guy
deadeyes861 11 часов назад
This just ruined a good song i could of did better with just my voice not tune this huge trash has an underground from Toronto this hurts my soul 💔
ARGG 11 часов назад
Say sorry to dads!
David Stojanovski
David Stojanovski 11 часов назад
the meek part is cut wtf
Magdalena Kwiecien
Magdalena Kwiecien 11 часов назад
Gael Briseño
Gael Briseño 11 часов назад
Puro pinché 6ix9ine 🤑🔥👍🏻
Snipex 11 часов назад
Anyone else feel bad for his girlfreind
Daniel Ruiz Heger
Daniel Ruiz Heger 11 часов назад
mahmoud XD
mahmoud XD 11 часов назад
Brawl 11 часов назад
Мы. Блять. Русские. Мы. круче. Амереканцав
Lost in the Clouds
Lost in the Clouds 11 часов назад
I still can’t stand that Lincoln pube beard he got goin on
Lus 11 часов назад
Aquafina sounds so Italian!!
Goyas Garden
Goyas Garden 11 часов назад
Lus 11 часов назад
rimas's adventure
rimas's adventure 11 часов назад
I wanna throw up 👎
Reina Caramel
Reina Caramel 11 часов назад
1:44 мне одной показалось что он спел Биг Мак?
Emanuel Panțiru
Emanuel Panțiru 11 часов назад
Cine îl mai oprește pe 69 e nebun rău #Respect
DoubleWave 11 часов назад
Rip Coco
ayoub 69
ayoub 69 11 часов назад
عاااد من جديد 💥🇲🇦
FotoDaGamer 11 часов назад
they rlly banned coco and let this
lil breyki
lil breyki 11 часов назад
6ix9ine rip 8 apr 2021 is chanel 2020 vision
Angelika Becker
Angelika Becker 11 часов назад
Hi youtube
Angelika Becker
Angelika Becker 11 часов назад
Hi youtube