World Record for TH6 in Legend League!
What Updates are Next for Super Troops?
New 6 Invisibility Spell Queen Walk!
When is Best to Upgrade your Town Hall?
Michael Vallejo
Michael Vallejo 7 часов назад
I just 3-starred on my first try by watching this video, Thankyou judo sloth
Izo Dy
Izo Dy 7 часов назад
Wow judo your a good youtuber i hope you get 1 million i learned so much from you
Rückie 7 часов назад
Judo I love your channel. How you speak abt coc, your intro ur just ideal type of RUpostsr 😄✨
Sun God
Sun God 8 часов назад
I have a maxed out th12 account. If you want to buy contact me on instagram: @berlinislove7
Joshua Robielos
Joshua Robielos 8 часов назад
Holy shoot that first attack was a nail biter
Sun God
Sun God 8 часов назад
I have a maxed out th12 account. If you want to buy contact me on instagram: @berlinislove7
I play Pg3d
I play Pg3d 8 часов назад
You guys want to see a rushed kid
Himanshu Verma
Himanshu Verma 8 часов назад
Thank you
Diurnal RL
Diurnal RL 8 часов назад
A clash of clans 1v1 wager I’m weak
REBEL DON 8 часов назад
mylilfamily 2021
mylilfamily 2021 8 часов назад
I wish we could donate resources to guild members or trade like 1m elixre or gold for one gem
Rubezz 246
Rubezz 246 8 часов назад
Next title: 10,000$ if he can three star with one barb
David Robinson Jr
David Robinson Jr 8 часов назад
There should be a button for Leaders of clans to set everyone War preferences to “Out” so that anyone inactive could definitely be out. And the active members could just switch back to “In”. It would be so much easier to be sure for things like CWL.
Jude Litowitz
Jude Litowitz 8 часов назад
Ive yet to find another person who explains tutorials for COC better, they are so simple and easy to follow
Avicy 8 часов назад
7:19 ah yes floor is made of floor
Bransen Porras
Bransen Porras 9 часов назад
It sounds like he is rapping at the beginning
Kalakal Khiladi
Kalakal Khiladi 9 часов назад
I got addicted to ur voice😍😍
Kryptic Squads
Kryptic Squads 9 часов назад
Helped so much
Kryptic Squads
Kryptic Squads 9 часов назад
Thank you
Jiivai 9 часов назад
The last time I used revenge was in 2016 lol
Janus El Castor
Janus El Castor 9 часов назад
I legit got this first try just a second a go, didnt even know there was a challenge out😂
BLP No.9
BLP No.9 9 часов назад
how he get 3 trophy but only 31% 0 star is this a new updated????
Alekhya Dutta
Alekhya Dutta 9 часов назад
Thank you for telling about Electro Dragon shadow
ATM channel
ATM channel 9 часов назад
Please do a 1 :30 monute challenge for PVMP please
PolyRolly 10 часов назад
Wish we can sell them for 50% of there original price of their rune stone
FactioN 10 часов назад
Judo, please have a look at the current issue faced by Indian players (local top) Many popular clans and pushing players of India, they are being taken over by an unknown player named ferryman. We ask for you support.! The security of SC is broken Bring this to notice of SC.
James Earl Cash
James Earl Cash 10 часов назад
Got it first try with this strategy. Thanks dude!
MLA GAMING 10 часов назад
When you are so pro in coc that you done it a 3 star at one attempt by seeing his vedio
Claudio Calumarte
Claudio Calumarte 10 часов назад
I would like to see a strategy using only air troops on th12, no matter if there were super. I came back to the game after more for a year and I need some new ideas, could you help me?
William Afton
William Afton 10 часов назад
Why I think the best pet combo is: BK-Yak AQ-Unicorn GW-E. Owl RC-L.A.S.S.I
OTKronick 10 часов назад
People STILL play coc?
Hedayatullah Sarbuland
Hedayatullah Sarbuland 10 часов назад
I usually have my queen till the end
leandromiguel Nato
leandromiguel Nato 10 часов назад
Insane bro
The Fish Slayer
The Fish Slayer 10 часов назад
Easiest challenge ever. I did it first try three stars!
zwe lay
zwe lay 10 часов назад
Plz explain how to use API
prabhakar Reddy
prabhakar Reddy 11 часов назад
Succes bhai
Katrina Stagg
Katrina Stagg 11 часов назад
kook up hahaha
JustPvz 2
JustPvz 2 11 часов назад
Next one is paying 500 dolars to Best player to 3 star my base without troops.
Benjamin 11 часов назад
Quinton Bailey
Quinton Bailey 11 часов назад
Bro thank you so much i tried it on my own like 30 times and i got it when i followed the video
Arnesto Trayumakan
Arnesto Trayumakan 11 часов назад
Judo sloth please join to our clan
Lindo Montoya
Lindo Montoya 11 часов назад
I liked the video, Good Content.
Sreevin G Lal
Sreevin G Lal 12 часов назад
I wasted lots of my time just maxing my th7builder base
WhamDieMoe 12 часов назад
This Video Is Sooooooooooo Amazing
Zenmahh2Roblox 12 часов назад
FYI: Timur Is South Indonesia Language, And Cirebon Is An Town In Java (Indonesia)
Shahid Hassan
Shahid Hassan 12 часов назад
Can I get something by supporting judo bro??
KingGames 12 часов назад
U forgot to mention th14 :<
Delta J
Delta J 12 часов назад
Judo: I am maxed Clash: TH 14 shall be FAST TRACKED TO STOP THIS HAPPINESS
Charles Pelupessy
Charles Pelupessy 12 часов назад
so easy! thanks!
Epsita Bose
Epsita Bose 12 часов назад
Keep it up
Epsita Bose
Epsita Bose 12 часов назад
Intro like a song
elmer delcid
elmer delcid 12 часов назад
Can you do the grand warden charge.
Satyam Gupta
Satyam Gupta 12 часов назад
Dj judo in the house baby🔥
William Afton
William Afton 12 часов назад
If you are new and you never watched judo before here is a tip for him: upgrade your archers and barbarians because when they pop from the ability of the BK and AQ they will be the level they are in your laboratory
Juan Pacquiao
Juan Pacquiao 13 часов назад
My no. 1 fun for you, gift for me idol
Juan Pacquiao
Juan Pacquiao 13 часов назад
Some favor for me, I want that supercell jacket, gift for me idol thanks you
Char Lie
Char Lie 13 часов назад
His intro is so cool
Abdelmalik Daoudi
Abdelmalik Daoudi 13 часов назад
Can you make a video were you show the top 5 best th9 attack strategies with no dark spells?
Dan Pianetto
Dan Pianetto 13 часов назад
I got out of order and still won. This is pretty bomb proof.
Nosaho Yiene
Nosaho Yiene 13 часов назад
I'm in the 10 but still stuck in Champions league
Hello Zuko Here
Hello Zuko Here 13 часов назад
Lol I just lost to a th8 and I’m a th9 and this dude just threestars a th13
Vincent Mazzoli
Vincent Mazzoli 13 часов назад
thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
JustSoaring 13 часов назад
the first time im watching this it is exactly a year later...
Rafael game
Rafael game 13 часов назад
Cahaya Abadi
Cahaya Abadi 13 часов назад
This youtuber has more quality And i love it😊
Clash with vaazi
Clash with vaazi 13 часов назад
Hello clashers
tommy hoang
tommy hoang 13 часов назад
RDU23 13 часов назад
Best to fully max all your barracks based on your TH before participating into clan games, learned it the hard way and had to crawl in with training my armies every time I attempt a challenge
Flint Wouters
Flint Wouters 14 часов назад
I only watch his videos because of the intro
Kasey Owens
Kasey Owens 14 часов назад
i used this strategy but my queen got taken out early on i still won
Jon Wai
Jon Wai 14 часов назад
When the top players are mostly asians
Eurzkiii 9000
Eurzkiii 9000 14 часов назад
Well not now
Adam Kee
Adam Kee 14 часов назад
Tried this method: won the event in single try
Pm Prajwal maheshwari
Pm Prajwal maheshwari 14 часов назад
Judo i found one bug in the game which is when i am filling cc troops and the player req at the same time i m filling then all the cc gets full but when he req it shows the troops that were remaining to be donated even if cc full for eg we have req of 7 loons and i have 7 cooked then i press the loons for a long time such that all 7 are gone from my end but while this he requested again and it shows 3 loons to be given
Mamoon Jilani
Mamoon Jilani 14 часов назад
Thankyou very much man I was fed up attacking and losing at 60% thankyou now I have destroyed it completely and it was a simple and easy to follow
Mason Payne
Mason Payne 14 часов назад
Best intro on RUposts by far,is just so good
Therese Pearl Banal
Therese Pearl Banal 14 часов назад
Your explanation is very to learn
Matheus Tavares
Matheus Tavares 14 часов назад
Dedication makes all the difference