Elio Camaratta
Elio Camaratta 8 часов назад
Ponga huevo Lorient.
Nycolas Rafael Garcia
Nycolas Rafael Garcia 8 часов назад
Barça will beat psg like this game
Keith Lowe
Keith Lowe 9 часов назад
Great goal Fred. Hurry back to us....up the Villa ...AVFC
Qyu - Vyu
Qyu - Vyu 9 часов назад
Portugal gold player in the world
LORD PENNA 9 часов назад
Balık Reis
Balık Reis 9 часов назад
Nico Bla
Nico Bla 10 часов назад
Don't understand. Isn't that a superb tackle from Metz player ? 😅
たいすけ 11 часов назад
I love scarスカー
I love scarスカー 11 часов назад
私は日本人ですが、川島は本当に素晴らしいゴールキーパーだと思います アリガトウゴザイマスthank you!
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak 11 часов назад
Why is everyone asking for an upgrade. what game is everyone playing ???
vSemih 8 часов назад
Fifa 21
こんぽた 11 часов назад
Martian _Q
Martian _Q 7 часов назад
@すけこー 不快
すけこー 8 часов назад
規定ではないんじゃない? それと、質問の返答になってないのにコメ主が満足しててワロタ (このコメが不快だと思ったらすぐ消します)
こんぽた 9 часов назад
@31 04 規定なんてあるんですね…初めて知りました!
31 04
31 04 10 часов назад
ヨッシー 12 часов назад
?????????????????????? 12 часов назад
白色ワセリン 12 часов назад
Eiji Kawashima 🙌🙌🔝🔝
Bullkathos 13 часов назад
KeyLORD Navas mejor del mundo
Jacopo Mastrogiacomo
Jacopo Mastrogiacomo 13 часов назад
lees melou pls up
Levels 13 часов назад
Up the flipping Villa.
Hunter _ Hamsi
Hunter _ Hamsi 13 часов назад
This is nothing Watch 4 red cards in 3 minutes in Turkey Super Ligue
erick martinez
erick martinez 14 часов назад
canada has some interesting players
Issiaka Adamou
Issiaka Adamou 15 часов назад
Ale les lisiene
Paulo Roberto Vaz
Paulo Roberto Vaz 17 часов назад
DeBuDDi 17 часов назад
wp lille, hope lille can fight with psg
Aztecax 18 часов назад
This league is a joke
Marco Castelli
Marco Castelli 18 часов назад
Always happy to see the "Judas" Thauvin losing to Lille. ALLEZ LE LOSC !!!!!
Henrique Santos
Henrique Santos 20 часов назад
No ano passado psg fez 5 a 1 nesse time ae
met met
met met 21 час назад
nagatomoooo 💛💖 we miss you dear Japan , huge loves
KM ASSASIN 21 час назад
nice play
Neal Thomas
Neal Thomas 22 часа назад
I played this angers team on dream leuge
Futbol 23 часа назад
Lan tek bu maça gelmişşiniz yusuf yazıcı için kesinn
pavel olgiati
pavel olgiati 23 часа назад
Goloviiin is the best
FootballReload День назад
0:37 The people who thought the other red card came from the keeper booting the ball at Cavani 😂
Felipe Marques
Felipe Marques День назад
remember when psg try to win ucl with lavezzi, pastore and jesse rodrugues
Dominic Harvey
Dominic Harvey День назад
trash compostor
trash compostor День назад
Can this vid add the time like 45 min etc
Saxon Jedi
Saxon Jedi День назад
nicely done gulibert
Alfred The Great, King Of Wessex
Alfred The Great, King Of Wessex День назад
Navas 🇨🇷 ❤️
ORi ORiginaŁ
ORi ORiginaŁ День назад
Ref just ending his poor carier
Ameer Shakhan
Ameer Shakhan День назад
Marseille 😂😂🤣🤣
Tho Max
Tho Max День назад
Go psg
Charlie Flemmm
Charlie Flemmm День назад
Egyptian King LFC
Egyptian King LFC День назад
The Ligue 1 title race 🔥
Egyptian King LFC
Egyptian King LFC День назад
Jonathan David 🤩
Egyptian King LFC
Egyptian King LFC День назад
Love Memphis depay
KBob Dixie
KBob Dixie День назад
Could have stopped the goal by sticking a foot out 6 inches.
Sarwan Ali
Sarwan Ali День назад
let's do this again in 2nd leg against Barca
Mukulu Tudu
Mukulu Tudu День назад
Un autre numéro 4 payé pour perdre
Jose juan Perez nillo
Jose juan Perez nillo День назад
Cuando quieran comparar a corona con memo es porque corona allá jugado contra ekipos grandes y no ekipos grandes memo el mejor de México como porteros
Joseph Jesse
Joseph Jesse День назад
Wow psg team this year ur team r greatest I love it 😘😘😘😘
Cornellius Dimas Berlin
Cornellius Dimas Berlin День назад
Welcome Jorge Sampaoli to the Olympique Marseille
Bjk Kaso
Bjk Kaso 9 часов назад
@Cornellius Dimas Berlin It's true, but there is a PSG truth. They dominate the league of France every year.
Cornellius Dimas Berlin
Cornellius Dimas Berlin 10 часов назад
@Bjk Kaso he is one of the bright future talent in Europe this season, I think his season will perfect if he can make Lille to be French champion
Bjk Kaso
Bjk Kaso 11 часов назад
I am from Turkish. What think about Yusuf Yazici???
Report No. 49
Report No. 49 День назад
Asians can't play without outstanding ability Applaud Kawashima's efforts
Jerry Davis
Jerry Davis День назад
Fuck French football weak ligue 👎👎🤣🤣
tom2115 king
tom2115 king 9 часов назад
Mate look at Man City “hardest league in the world”
The one
The one 9 часов назад
its the best european league this season
Heung Min Son
Heung Min Son 11 часов назад
Kid stfu 🤡 lyon beats city juve and went to the semi final and psg went to the ucl final and u still say that ligue 1 is a farmer league🤡🤡🤡🤡
-JuL- День назад
and still you're here. You must be very bored then
Alex Bonilla
Alex Bonilla День назад
Catalogado como el peor portero de España eso cuando jugó ay horita juega el México que pena 😂😂😂
BD Faraz
BD Faraz День назад
Important 3points for psg to go at 1st place. Hope Neymar will comeback soon
Daniel День назад
Tipico sagt Danke
Auxane lc
Auxane lc День назад
Natasha Bolton
Natasha Bolton День назад
Great league :) 🙃🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 i hope next year go 2 paris, look around PSG stadium :)
Martin Braithwaite
Martin Braithwaite День назад
farmer league
Jerry Davis
Jerry Davis День назад
Yess it is
Alex Clyne
Alex Clyne День назад
When is marcelo getting upgrade then because of a clean sheet
JJJF Legends
JJJF Legends 14 часов назад
Lads I honestly can’t wait and it’s great to see lots a fifa fans that are watching the game to see if Marcelo is getting an upgrade
Renato Araya
Renato Araya День назад
@Alex Clyne me too 🔝🔝
Alex Clyne
Alex Clyne День назад
@benny31920 and i packed him out of 81 plus fits in my team🤩🤩🤩
Alex Clyne
Alex Clyne День назад
@benny31920 can he get upgraded twice or just 1s
benny31920 День назад
l that why i m here bought him for 100k 😁 hes a bargain now
Mamincho Carvajal
Mamincho Carvajal День назад
Keylor #1 du monde
ホンクルイビト День назад
Sherman 07
Sherman 07 День назад
What time did it start
Henry Cohen
Henry Cohen День назад
Lees-Melou owners punching the air rn
Dylan Oduffy
Dylan Oduffy День назад
Why they need 2 goals in 3 games an there going against a tram that is in the relegation zone
Jose Lopes
Jose Lopes День назад
Jogo feio da pohha
Mvlt İşc
Mvlt İşc День назад
Jonathon David = 🗑️
Emrik Malminen
Emrik Malminen День назад
What have you been smoking lad
Deepak Mangtani
Deepak Mangtani День назад
@Mvlt İşc He* Him*
Mvlt İşc
Mvlt İşc День назад
@aligator ball losses, lack of condition, too many goals scored very comfortably, she has been playing since the beginning of this season.
Mvlt İşc
Mvlt İşc День назад
@aligator She might have scored two goals, only luck was next to her
aligator День назад
U don't know what ur talking about 🤡
systemfactory День назад
yusuf çok formsuz
SLAM STAN День назад
i only watched this cuz i need my lees-melou to get upgraded
qevy 14 часов назад
Iguess around 150k or higher
IK SS 17 часов назад
How much do you think it will sell for after the upgrade?
Seth Abner
Seth Abner День назад
2 more out of 3 matches
L2fp Music
L2fp Music День назад
2 goals then he gets his upgrade or?
Ewren Ağaoğlu
Ewren Ağaoğlu День назад
Ulan beşiktaştan çok lille takip ediyorum şampiyon lille baba
Ewren Ağaoğlu
Ewren Ağaoğlu 22 часа назад
@Futbol Anladım benim için sıkıntı yok kg şimdiden
Futbol 22 часа назад
@Ewren Ağaoğlu seni test etmek istedim daha doğrusu ahlaklımsın diye türk halkını test ediyorum video için izin verirsen belki youtbe kanalıma aticam
Ewren Ağaoğlu
Ewren Ağaoğlu 23 часа назад
Neye hitaben böyle birşey yazdin kardeşim
Futbol 23 часа назад
Kesinn öyledir
Futbol 23 часа назад
Umut Berkay Yıldırım
Umut Berkay Yıldırım День назад
Champion Lille oleeeee
TheHacking Tiger
TheHacking Tiger День назад
Bruh there is no comments lol
ххх ххх
ххх ххх День назад
Интересная статистика один удар вствор
JJJF Legends
JJJF Legends День назад
I swear Marcelo wat if Will be upgraded
ArcaMin День назад
Yeah i got him in 81+ player pick hes gonna be a beast
JJJF Legends
JJJF Legends День назад
@X0TIICX_ _ so on the 10 of march
X0TIICX_ _ День назад
👏 I hope you feel proud for yourself going into a comment section on a football highlights to call someone a loser
CooManTunes День назад
Losers. ^
X0TIICX_ _ День назад
He will be upgraded next Wednesday
merouani Jr Jr
merouani Jr Jr День назад
Viv psg
Ilia Russo
Ilia Russo День назад
Strasbourg 💪
Dude .k
Dude .k День назад
Commentator: the hottest title race in ligue 1 uber eats The problem is Ligue 1 uber eats exists since 2-3 years
BLA Shadow
BLA Shadow День назад
@Dude .k okay 😂 I didn't understand
Dude .k
Dude .k День назад
@BLA Shadow Bruh you don't get the joke i know it's the same
BLA Shadow
BLA Shadow День назад
it's the same competition as years ago, why do you speak of Uber Eat ???
Un Phoque
Un Phoque День назад
@Dude .k yes indeed
Dude .k
Dude .k День назад
@Un Phoque I k but b4 it was ligue 1 confarama
jsanchez sanchez
jsanchez sanchez День назад
Bravo navas ....
Ethan Chevrier
Ethan Chevrier День назад
Oui Strasbourg ❤️🔥🤩
Ana Faiz
Ana Faiz День назад
Madanda please retired
Adhi Dharma
Adhi Dharma День назад
stop the music...
Bruno Sikorski
Bruno Sikorski День назад
Lens are amazing!
Yunus Yüce
Yunus Yüce День назад
Her takımın depay gibi bir oyuncuya ihtiyacı var